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Introduction to digital assets

Based on multiple signature, offline signature
Security design such as layered architecture
Guarantee the safety of users' funds

Advanced, rigorous algorithm system
Support a variety of professional trading orders
It can process millions of transactions per second

Real-time asset and trade data
Query validation mechanism
And open to the public, transparent

Transactions are smooth, reliable and safe

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关于BITUAN被Degital Future Pte Ltd收购,域名变更的通知


因BITUAN币团被Degital Future Pte Ltd收购,目前BITUAN币团已正式更名为Degital Future(简称:DF)。为保证原有用户的正常使用,所有用户信息及网站数据已迁移至本站,广大用户后续可使用原BITUAN币团账户访问本站以及APP下载。