User Agreement
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Degital Future (hereinafter referred to as “DF”) is a digital asset trading platform incorporated under the laws of Singapore and is part of Degital Future Pte Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Website”), is a platform dedicated to providing users with digital asset trading and related ancillary services.

By accessing, downloading, using or clicking "agreeing" to any DF services provided by DF, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and accepted this user Agreement and the Privacy Policy. If you do not agree, please do not access DF or use the DF services. In addition, your use of some features of the DF services may also be subject to specific additional terms and conditions applicable to those features. Please read the following terms of use carefully before using DF related services.

As with any asset, trading in digital assets carries an extremely high level of risk, with round-the-clock trading, no limits on ups and downs, and prices that are susceptible to significant fluctuations due to the influence of market makers and global government policies, meaning that you may incur financial losses when buying, selling, holding or investing in digital currencies and their derivatives. By using services related to DF, you acknowledge and agree that:

(1) You understand the risks associated with trading in digital currencies and derivatives.

(2) You assume all risks associated with the use of DF services and trading in digital currencies and their derivatives.

(3) DF assumes no responsibility for such risks or adverse results.

Important Notes:

1. You understand that this Website only serves as a place for you to obtain information on digital assets, find counterparties, negotiate and conduct transactions on digital assets and that this Website is not involved in any of your transactions, so you should make your own careful judgment to determine the authenticity, legality and validity of the relevant digital assets and information, and bear the responsibility and losses arising from such transactions.

2. Any opinions, news, discussions, analyses, recommendations and other information on this Website are general market commentary and do not constitute investment advice. We do not assume responsibility for profits or any losses arising directly or indirectly from reliance on the above information.

3. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of the information on this Website but cannot guarantee its accuracy and will not be liable for any loss arising directly or indirectly from the information on this Website, or from any delay or failure in linking to the Internet, transmitting or receiving any notices and information.

4. Internet-based trading systems are subject to risks, including but not limited to software, hardware and Internet link failures. As we have no control over the stability of the Internet, we cannot be held liable for distortions, delays and link failures.

5. It is prohibited to use this Website to engage in money laundering, smuggling, commercial bribery, other illegal trading activities or illegal behaviour. If any suspected illegal trading or illegal behaviour is discovered, this Website will take a variety of measures, including, but not limited to, freezing the account, notifying the relevant authorities, etc., and we do not assume any responsibilities arising from this and reserve the right to pursue recourse from the relevant parties.

6. It is prohibited to use this Website for malicious market manipulation, improper trading, and other unethical trading activities. If such incidents are found, this Website will take protective measures such as warning, restricting trading and closing accounts for all accounts involved in the above unethical trading activities. We do not assume any responsibilities arising from this and reserve the right to pursue recourse from the relevant parties.

I. General Provisions

1.1 The user Agreement consists of this Agreement and various rules, announcements, statements, instructions, etc., that have been issued or may be issued in the future by this Website.

1.2 You should read this Agreement carefully before using the services provided on the Website and consult a professional lawyer if you do not understand anything or if otherwise necessary. If you do not agree with this Agreement and/or its modifications from time to time, you should immediately stop using the services provided by the Website or stop accessing the Website. By accessing or using any of the services or other carrying our any similar acts on this Website, you acknowledge that you have understood and agreed to the contents of this Agreement, including any modifications to this Agreement made by this Website from time to time.

1.3 You can become a user of this Website (hereinafter referred to as a "User") by filling in the relevant information in accordance with the requirements of this Website and successfully registering after carrying out the relevant procedures. Clicking the "Agree" button during the registration process means that you have entered into an agreement in the form of electronic signature with DF or when you click on any button marked with "Agree" or similar meaning in the process of using this website or use the services provided by this Website in other ways allowed by this Website, you fully understand, agree and accept all the terms and conditions under this Agreement. The absence of your handwritten signature does not affect the legally binding effect of this Agreement on you.

1.4 Upon becoming a site User, you will be provided with a User account and a corresponding password, which you shall keep, and you shall be legally responsible for all activities and events conducted under your account.

1.5 Only by becoming a User of this Website can you use the digital asset trading platform provided by this Website to trade and enjoy the other services provided by this Website that are only available to Users; non-users can only browse and not avail of other services provided by this Website.

1.6 By registering and using any of the services and features offered on the Website, you will be deemed to have read and understood that:

1.6.1 You accept to be bound by all terms and conditions of this Agreement.

1.6.2 You confirm that you are 18 years of age or older and under 65 years of age and that your registration, sale or purchase, posting of information and other acceptance of the services of this Website shall be in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of the sovereign country or region having jurisdiction over you, and that you have sufficient capacity to accept these terms and enter into transactions and use this Website to trade in digital assets.

1.6.3 You warrant that the digital assets belonging to you involved in the transaction have been legally acquired and are owned by you.

1.6.4 You agree that you are solely responsible for your trading or non-trading actions and any gains or losses.

1.6.5 You confirm that the information provided during registration is true and accurate.

1.6.6 You agree not to engage in or participate in conduct or activities that are detrimental to the Website or DF’s interests at any time, whether or not in connection with the services provided on the Website.

1.6.7 The Agreement only governs the rights and obligations agreed between you and us and does not cover legal relationships and legal disputes between users of the Website and other websites and you as a result of transactions in digital assets.

II. Agreement Revision

We reserve the right to revise this Agreement from time to time and announce such revisions by posting on the Website without further separate notice to you. Such changes will automatically become effective immediately upon posting on the Website. If you do not agree with the changes, you should immediately stop using the services; by continuing to use the services, you accept and agree to be bound by the revised Agreement.

III. Registration

3.1 Registration Eligibility

You acknowledge and undertake that you are a natural person, legal entity or other organisation with the ability to sign this Agreement and use the services of this Website as provided by applicable laws when you complete the registration process or use the services provided by this Website in other ways as permitted by this Website.

3.2 Purpose of Registration

You acknowledge and undertake that your registration on this Website is not to violate laws and regulations or disrupt the orderly trading of digital assets on this Website.

3.3 Registration Process

3.3.1 You agree to provide a valid email address, cell phone number and other information as required by the User registration page of this Website and use it as a means of login to this Website. If necessary, in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of different jurisdictions, you must provide your real name, identity document and other relevant information as stipulated in the laws and regulations. You shall be responsible for the authenticity, completeness and accuracy of such information and shall bear any direct or indirect losses and adverse consequences arising thereof.

3.3.2 You are entitled to obtain an account number and password for this Website after you have legally, completely and effectively provided the information required for registration and verified. Your registration is deemed successful when you obtain an account number and password for this Website, and you can log in as a User on this Website.

3.3.3 You agree to receive emails and/or short messages from this Website in connection with the administration and operation.

IV. Services

This Website only provides web trading platform services for your digital asset trading activities (including but not limited to digital asset trading and other services) through this Website.

4.1 Service Content

4.1.1 You have the right to view real-time quotes and trading information of digital assets products on the Website, submit digital asset trading orders and complete digital asset trading through the Website.

4.1.2 You have the right to view the information under your User account on the Website and to apply the functions provided on the Website.

4.1.3 You have the right to participate in the Website activities organised by this Website in accordance with the activity rules published on this Website.

4.1.4 Other services that this Website promises to provide for you.

4.2. Service rules

4.2.1 You shall comply with the laws, regulations, and policy requirements, ensure the legality of the source of all digital assets in your account, and shall not engage in any illegal or other activities on the Website or by using the services of the Website harm the rights and interests of the Website or third parties, including but not limited to sending or receiving any illegal, irregular, or infringing information, using or falsifying email messages on the Website without the authorisation of the Website, etc. 

4.2.2 You shall comply with the laws and regulations and use and keep your account and login password, fund password, cell phone number bound to your registration, and cell phone verification code received by your cell phone. You are fully responsible for any operation and consequences of using your account and login password, fund password and mobile phone verification code. If you find that the account number, login password, or fund password or verification code of this Website has been used by a third-party without your authorisation, or there are other account security problems, you should immediately and effectively notify this Website and request this Website to suspend the service of your affected Website account. This Website has the right to act on such requests from you within a reasonable time. However, this Website will not be responsible for the consequences (including but not limited to any loss to you) that have arisen before acting. You may not give, borrow, rent, transfer or otherwise dispose of your account on this Website to others without the consent of this Website.

4.2.3 You agree to be responsible for all activities that occur under your account and password on the Website (including, but not limited to, disclosing information, posting information, clicking online to agree to or submit to various rule agreements, renewing agreements online or purchasing services, etc.).

4.2.4 You shall not maliciously interfere with the normal conduct of trading or disrupt the order of trading (including but not limited to grid arbitrage, malicious trading and other acts) when trading digital assets on this Website; you shall not interfere with the normal operation of this Website or interfere with the use of the services of this Website by other Users by any technical means or otherwise.

4.2.5 If you have disputes with other Users due to online transactions, you shall not request the Website to provide relevant information through judicial or administrative channels other than the Website.

4.2.6 You shall comply with this Agreement and other terms of service and operating rules published and updated from time to time on the Website and shall have the right to terminate the use of the services provided by the Website at any time.

4.3. Product rules

4.3.1 Browse transaction information

You should read all the contents contained in the trading information, including but not limited to the price, order volume, commission, buy or sell direction, when viewing the trading information on this Website, and assume the responsibility for the investment decisions you make.

4.3.2 Submit a commission

After reviewing the transaction information and confirming that it is correct, you may submit a trade order. After you submit a trade order, you authorise this Website to act on your behalf for the corresponding trade aggregation. This Website will automatically complete the aggregated trade without prior notice when a trade meets your order price.

4.3.3 Viewing transaction details. You can view the corresponding transaction history through your account.

4.3.4 Cancellation/modification of an order. You have the right to cancel or modify an order at any time before the order is concluded.

V. Rights & Obligations of this Website

5.1 If you do not have the registration qualifications agreed in this Agreement, the Website has the right to refuse your registration. The Website has the right to cancel your User account, and the Website reserves the right to pursue responsibility from you or your authorised agent. At the same time, the Website reserves the right to decide whether to accept your registration under any other circumstances.

5.2 Based on the Website's judgment, the Website has the right to suspend or terminate your account and all associated accounts if it finds that you or your associated account Users are not suitable for making high-risk investments.

5.3 The Website has the right to suspend or terminate the use of the account if it is found that the account User is not the initial registrant of the account.

5.4 The Website has the right to notify you to correct or update the information or suspend or terminate the Website's services for you if we reasonably suspect that the information provided by you is incorrect, inaccurate, invalid or incomplete through technical testing, manual sampling and other testing methods.

5.5 This Website reserves the right to correct any information displayed on this Website if it is incorrect.

5.6 The Website reserves the right to modify, suspend or terminate the services of the Website at any time, and the Website exercises the right to modify or suspend the services without informing you in advance. If the Website terminates one or more services of the Website, the termination will take effect from the date the Website publishes the termination announcement on the Website.

5.7 This Website will use all necessary technical means and management measures to guarantee the normal operation of this Website and provide a necessary and reliable trading environment and trading services to maintain digital asset trading.

5.8 This Website has the right to delete all kinds of content information in this Website that does not comply with government laws and regulations or the regulations of this Website at any time, and this Website exercises such rights without prior notice to you.

5.9 This Website has the right to request more information or data from you in accordance with the laws, regulations, rules, orders and other forms of the sovereign country or region you belong to, and to take reasonable measures to meet the requirements of local norms, and you have the obligation to cooperate. The Website has the right to suspend or permanently stop opening part of this Website or its services to you in accordance with the laws, regulations, rules, orders or other measures of the sovereign country or region you belong to.

VI. Compensation

6.1 In no event will our liability to you for direct damages exceed the total service fee we charge you for using the Website for three (3) months.

6.2 If you violate this Agreement or other laws or regulations, you shall indemnify us for at least $1,000,000 and all costs incurred in connection in addition to that (including attorneys' fees, etc.), and you shall make up the full amount if it is not sufficient to cover the actual damages.

VII. Limitation of Liability & Exemption

7.1 You understand and agree that in no event shall we be liable in respect of:

7.1.1 Loss of revenue.

7.1.2 Trading profits or contract losses.

7.1.3 Losses due to business interruption.

7.1.4 Loss of expected monetary savings.

7.1.5 Losses due to information problems.

7.1.6 Loss of opportunity, goodwill or reputation.

7.1.7 Damage to or loss of data.

7.1.8 The cost of purchasing alternative products or services.

7.1.9 Any indirect, special or incidental loss or damage arising out of tort, breach of contract or any other cause.

7.2 You understand and agree that we shall not be liable to you for any damages arising from any of the following:

7.2.1 Your specific transaction may be a material breach of laws or a contract.

7.2.2 Your conduct on the Website is suspected of being illegal or immoral.

7.2.3 The costs and losses arising from the act of purchasing or acquiring any data, information or conducting transactions through the services of this Website or alternative acts.

7.2.4 Your misunderstanding of the services on the Website.

7.2.5 Any other loss not caused by us in connection with the services provided on this Website.

7.3 We are not responsible for any loss or damage caused by maintenance of information network equipment, failures of information network connections, computer, communication or other system failures, power failures, weather, accidents, strikes, labour disputes, riots, insurrection, disturbances, lack of productivity or means of production, fires, floods, storms, explosions, wars, bank or other partner causes, the collapse of the digital asset market, government actions, judicial or administrative authority orders, other acts outside our control or beyond our control, or third-party causes that result in the inability to provide a service or delays in service and which causes you to suffer damages.

7.4 We cannot guarantee that all information, programs, texts, etc. contained in this Website are completely safe and free from any virus, trojan horse or other malicious programs that may interfere with and damage them, so your access to and use of any services on this Website or the download and use of any programs, information, data, etc. is your personal decision and at your own risk and possible loss.

7.5 We do not guarantee or promise any information, products and business of any third-party websites linked to this Website or any other form of content that is not our subject matter, etc. Your use of any services, information and products provided by third-party websites is at your own discretion, and you assume all responsibilities arising from there.

7.6 We make no warranties, express or implied, concerning your use of the services on this Website, including, but not limited to, the suitability, absence of errors or omissions, continuity, accuracy, reliability, or fitness for a particular purpose, of the services provided on this Website. We also do not make any promises or warranties as to the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, completeness and timeliness of the technology and information involved in the services provided on this Website. The decision to access or use the Website is yours and yours alone and at your own risk and possible loss. You understand and appreciate that the market for digital assets is volatile and subject to significant price fluctuations or collapse at any time and that trading in digital assets is your personal choice and decision and is at your own risk and possible loss.

7.7 We do not waive any right we have to limit, exclude or set off our liabilities for damages to the fullest extent applicable by law that are not mentioned in this Agreement.

7.8 By registering, you acknowledge that any operation we carry out in accordance with the rules set out in this Agreement is at your risk.

VIII. Termination of the Agreement

8.1 The Website has the right to terminate all the Website's services in accordance with this Agreement, and this Agreement will be terminated on the date of termination of all the services of the Website.

8.2 After the termination of this Agreement, you have no right to request the Website to continue to provide any services or perform any other obligations to you, including but not limited to requesting the Website to retain or disclose to you any information in your original Website account, forwarding any information to you or a third-party that you have not read or sent, etc.

8.3 The termination of this Agreement shall not affect one party's claim for other liabilities against a defaulting party.

IX. Intellectual Property

9.1 All intellectual property rights in all works contained in the Website including, but not limited to, the Website logo, databases, site design, text and graphics, software, photographs, videos, music, sound and combinations thereof, software compilations, related source code and software (including applets and scripts) are owned by the Website. You may not reproduce, modify, copy, transmit or use any of the preceding materials or content for commercial purposes.

9.2 All rights (including but not limited to goodwill and trademarks, logos) contained in the name of the Website are owned by DF.

9.3 Your acceptance of this Agreement shall be deemed as your permission to transfer the copyright of any form of information published on this Website, including but not limited to: reproduction rights, distribution rights, rental rights, exhibition rights, performance rights, projection rights, broadcasting rights, information network transmission rights, filming rights, adaptation rights, translation rights, compilation rights and other transferable rights, which should be enjoyed by the copyright owner, to this Website exclusively without compensation. This Website has the right to file a lawsuit against any subject for infringement and obtain full compensation.

9.4 You may not unlawfully use or dispose of the intellectual property rights of the Website or those of others in the course of using the services of the Website. You may not publish, or authorise other websites (and media) to use, the information that has been published on the Website in any form.

9.5 Your access to the Website or use of any of the services offered on the Website will not be deemed to be an assignment by us of any intellectual property rights to you.

X. Export Control

You understand and acknowledge that you are prohibited from exporting, re-exporting, importing or transferring any material (including software) from the Website under the relevant laws of Singapore, and you undertake not to initiate or assist or participate in any such export or related transfer or other violation of applicable laws and regulations; and if you become aware of such circumstances, you shall promptly and actively report them to us and assist us in dealing with them.

XI. Transfer

The rights and obligations agreed to in this Agreement also bind the assignees, heirs, executors and administrators of the parties who benefit from such rights and obligations. You may not assign your rights and obligations to any third-party without our consent, but we may assign our rights and obligations under this Agreement to any third-party at any time by giving you notice.

XII. Severability

If any provision of this Agreement is held to be unenforceable, invalid or illegal by any court of competent jurisdiction, it shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of this Agreement.

XIII. Waiver

No waiver by us or of you of any liability for breach of this Agreement or otherwise shall be deemed or construed as a waiver of any other liability for breach, and the failure to exercise any right shall not in any way be construed as a waiver of that right.

XIV. Applicable Law

The Agreement is entered into in its entirety under the laws of Singapore, and its formation, interpretation, content and enforcement shall be governed by the relevant provisions of the laws of Singapore; any claim or action arising in connection with the services agreed herein shall be governed by and construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of Singapore.

XV. Entry into Force & Interpretation of the Agreement

15.1 The Agreement is effective when you click on the consent to register on the Website's registration page and complete the registration process and obtain an account and password for the Website and is binding on both the Website and you.

15.2 The final right of interpretation of this Agreement belongs to this Website.

Privacy Policy of Degital Future

Unless otherwise specified in this Privacy Statement, terms used in this Privacy Statement shall have the meanings outlined in the Terms of Use.

This Privacy Policy explains how Degital Future and Degital Future's operators collect, use, process, disclose, share, transfer and protect your personal information obtained through Degital Future and its partners. "We" in this context refers specifically to Degital Future and Degital Future's operators. When we collect personal information specified by users, we do so as required by applicable laws, regulations or governmental orders, or for our specific needs.

Please read this entire Privacy Policy carefully. By visiting Degital Future, whether or not you are registered or logged in with Degital Future, you acknowledge that you know, understand and agree to all of the terms of this Privacy Policy. If your information is used for any purpose not covered by this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use (including other Degital Future business rules), we will notify you and obtain your consent in advance.

I. What Information Do We Collect?

The following is the type of information we collect when you register with Degital Future and use Degital Future services:

1.1 Information required for registration:

When registering for a Degital Future account, you will be required to identify information ("Identifiers"), including email address, name, date of birth, nationality, country code, gender, signature, and password. To enhance account security, you may request secondary verification by Google or SMS, which requires a cell phone number for SMS verification and a Google account name for Google verification. When you agree to log in to Degital Future or use Degital Future services using biometric authentication such as fingerprint recognition or facial recognition, you are required to provide the appropriate biometric information (e.g., fingerprint information, facial information, etc.) and consent to the processing of your biometric data.

1.2 Information required for compliance with regulatory policies:

In order to comply with global industry regulatory standards, local regulatory standards and governmental orders, including anti-money laundering, know your user (KYC), etc., we are required to collect personal information such as identification documents (including but not limited to passports, ID cards, etc.), proof of address, source of funds declarations, source of wealth, etc., in addition to identity information, before or in the course of your use of certain Degital Future services (such as those related to digital asset trading). We will provide you with a specific explanation of the content and requirements of such personal information each time we collect it. We reserve the right to change the content and requirements of the information we collect as global industry regulatory standards, local regulatory standards, or governmental regulations orders change. This applies to both individual and institutional users of Degital Future accounts.

1.3 Information required to use the Degital Future service:

a. Service usage information

In the course of your access to Degital Future and use of the Degital Future Services, we may monitor and collect data such as, but not limited to, your telephone number, date and time of access, device type and identification, operating system and related settings, browser and SIM card and network operator, IP address, GPS information, base station information, WLAN information, etc. related data ("Service Usage Information"). This information may be obtained directly from Degital Future or third-party service providers. The collection of this Service Usage Data will help the system ensure that our interface is available to users of all platforms and provide support during criminal investigations.

b. Transaction information

For all business and personal accounts, we collect various information generated from transactions using the Degital Future service ("Transaction Information"), including (and not limited to) deposit snapshots, account balances, transaction records (e.g., transaction initiation, payment method, transaction price, transaction quantity, transaction time, withdrawal and authorisation information, etc.), order activity and distribution records, etc. This data is collected to monitor suspicious transaction behaviour to prevent user fraud and assist in the adjudication of legal cases, or for other purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

c. Communication information

You agree that we have the right to collect and use the information contained in or related to any communications you send to us or that you generate through your use of the Degital Future Services ("Communication Information") for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy. Communications Information includes all messages, requests or other information you send in the course of your contact with Degital Future, as well as all communications and file attachments generated by you in connection with transactions with other users or other data generated primarily through communications with other users.

d. Financial information

You agree that we have the right to collect and use financial information contained in or related to your use of the Degital Future Services, including, but not limited to, bank account information, transaction history, transaction data, etc., for the purposes disclosed in this Privacy Policy. This data is collected to monitor suspicious transactions, prevent user fraud, assist in the adjudication of legal cases, or other purposes as disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

e. Device Permissions

When you use the sessions feature to make voice calls, send voice messages, take pictures and photo albums, we will invoke the following device permissions from you: device microphone permissions, system photo album permissions, and system camera permissions. These features may require you to provide us with access to your camera, photo album, microphone, and address book on your device in order to collect and use the information involved in these features. Please note that by turning on these permissions, you authorise us to collect and use your personal information to perform the functions described above. By turning off these permissions, you cancel these authorisations. We will no longer collect and use your personal information and will not be able to provide you with the functions described above that correspond to these authorisations. Your decision to turn off your permissions will not affect the processing of personal information previously based on your authorisation.

II. How Do We Collect Your Information?

2.1 Self-collection

You will provide us directly with the vast majority of the personal information we collect. We will collect and process your information in the following circumstances:

a. When you register online, log in or access Degital Future, or use any Degital Future service.

b. When you voluntarily complete any user survey or provide feedback to us by mail or any other channel.

c. Cookies through your browser or software when you use or browse our web pages or clients.

d. Other instances of self-collection of information referred to in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use (including other Degital Future business rules, hereinafter).

2.2 Acquired from third parties

We may obtain your information indirectly through third-party channels, including but not limited to the following:

a. Public databases, credit bureaus, and identification partners.

b. Blockchain data.

c. Marketing partners and distributors.

d. Advertising partners and data analytics providers.

2.3 Anonymisation and post-integration data

Anonymisation is a data processing technique that removes or modifies personal information so as it is not associated with a specific individual. Except for this section, nothing else in this Privacy Policy applies to anonymised or integrated personal data (meaning data that, when combined, no longer identifies or references a particular user). We may use anonymised or aggregated user data for any business purpose, including better understanding user needs and behaviour, improving our products and services, business intelligence and marketing, and detecting security threats. We may analyse the anonymised data ourselves, or we may use analyses provided by third parties.

III. How Do We Use Your Information?

We use the information we collect from you for the following purposes or in the following ways:

3.1 Provision and maintenance of services

We use the information we collect to enable, maintain, and provide superior Degital Future services (including, but not limited to, processing various transactions) and verify users' identity. We use the IP address and unique identifier stored in your cookies to verify your identity and behaviour and provide the Degital Future Services. Due to legal obligations and system requirements, we cannot provide all or part of the Degital Future Services to you without data such as identification information, regulatory information, service usage information, communication information, or transaction information.

3.2 Protecting users

We use the information we collect to protect Degital Future's platform, user accounts, and profiles. We use IP address and cookie data to prevent attacks such as spam, phishing, and distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. We analyse transaction activity to detect suspicious behaviour early and prevent fraud and the flow of funds to non-suitable users.

3.3 Compliance with legal and regulatory requirements

We will use the information we collect to fulfil our legal obligations, comply with governmental requirements and respond to reasonable requests from users while respecting the principles of personal privacy and data security. We may process your personal information without your consent in circumstances where it is necessary to protect the user or other natural persons' vital interests, fulfil a public interest purpose or pursue our legitimate interests (but not to the detriment of the user). Except as outlined in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Use, we will not disclose or provide any personal information to third parties without reviewing with our legal team and/or obtaining the user's consent.

3.4 For the purpose of measurement, research and development 

We analyse data to understand better how you use and interact with the Degital Future service. Our operations team conducts ongoing data analysis to ensure that the user experience is continually optimised and that any issues encountered during use are resolved on time. In addition, we use this data to customise, measure and improve the content and layout of the Degital Future Services, the Degital Future website and applications, and develop new services. We continuously monitor information about system activity and communications with users to find and quickly resolve problems.

3.5 Communication with users

In order to communicate directly with users, we collect personal information such as cell phone numbers and email addresses to provide users with work order support or to promptly notify users of information related to login, transactions and account security. If personal information is not collected and processed before communication, we will not respond to requests and questions submitted by users. All communications are kept securely within Degital Future or at a service provider designated by Degital Future to review the accuracy, retain as evidence, or fulfilling other legal or contractual obligations.

3.6 Enforcement of terms of use and other agreements

The personal information collected will also be used for the ongoing and active enforcement of our Terms of Use and other agreements with users, including, but not limited to, reviewing, investigating and preventing any potentially prohibited or unlawful activities that violate the terms of the preceding agreements, or disclosing such information to third parties in accordance with our authority under the terms of the preceding agreements. We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any Degital Future service to any user who engages in activity that violates our Terms of Use or other agreements with users.

3.7 Marketing and Advertising

We may share your personal information with our marketing partners for the purposes of targeting, modelling and/or analytics and related marketing and advertising campaigns.

3.8 Rebates

We may share the information collected, including but not limited to your identifying information and transaction information, with your referrals to conduct rebates or other benefit programs.

3.9 For any other purpose

We may disclose your personal information for any other purpose to which you have consented.

IV. Marketing

If we think you may like a particular Degital Future service or the products and services of our partners, we would like to pass on your details for you to obtain information about such products or services. If you have consented to receive such marketing communications, you may opt-in at any time in the future. You have the right at any time to ask us to stop contacting you or sending you relevant information for marketing purposes. If you do not wish to be contacted for marketing purposes in the future, please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the marketing email to unsubscribe from marketing messages.

V. How Do We Store & Protect Your Information?

We store your personal information securely in fault-tolerant secure storage using industry-standard encryption and take a number of security measures to ensure that user information is not lost, misused or tampered with, including but not limited to:

5.1 Physical Measures

Physical data containing your personal information will be stored in a locked location.

5.2 Electronic Measures

Computer data containing your personal information will be stored on computer systems and storage media with strict login restrictions.

5.3 Management Measures

Only personnel authorised by us have access to your personal information, and these personnel are required to comply with our internal code of personal information confidentiality. We have also adopted strict office and file access restrictions.

5.4 Technical measures

We use a variety of standard security technologies and supporting management systems to reduce the risk of leakage, destruction, misuse, unauthorised access, unauthorised disclosure and alteration of your personal information.

5.5 Other measures

A firewall protects our web servers.

However, the above security measures cannot guarantee 100% information security. Therefore, we recommend that you understand and take independent security measures to protect the security of your personal information. You agree that we will not be liable for any breach of your information or other losses arising from any cause not intentional or grossly negligent on our part, including but not limited to hacking, power failure or unavoidable technical malfunctions, to the fullest extent permitted by law. If you suspect that personal information, especially account or password information, has been compromised, please freeze your Degital Future account immediately and contact the Degital Future customer service team. Except as otherwise provided by law or regulation, or as otherwise provided in the Terms of Use, you agree and permit that we have the right, but not the obligation, to retain a record of all personal information we collect for the duration of your Degital Future account and for five years after the account is closed.

VI. Data Transmission

You know and understand that we have the right to transfer or store all or part of the personal information we collect in countries other than your country of citizenship, residence or server location without your consent if:

6.1 Based on the need to protect, process, analyse, and reasonably use personal information.

6.2 Based on the necessity to fulfil the Terms of Use or other agreements with the user.

6.3 Necessity based on public interest.

6.4 Transmission is necessary to establish, exercise or defend the rights of us, our partners or other users.

6.5 Other circumstances as required by law or government order.

VII. Cookies

7.1 What are Cookies?

Cookies are small amounts of data sent to your browser and stored on your computer's hard drive that is used to collect standard Internet log information and information about visitor behaviour. When you visit Degital Future, we may automatically collect information from you through cookies or similar technologies.

7.2 How do we use cookies?

We use cookies in several ways to improve your experience on our platform, including:

a. Maintaining your login.

b. Recording your habits and preferences when browsing through the various programs of Degital Future.

c. Using Google Stats to record our performance through cookies and to verify the effectiveness of online advertising.

7.3 Which cookies do we use?

We use many different types of cookies, mainly including (but not limited to):

a. Functional cookies

We use these cookies to recognise you on Degital Future and remember the preferences you have previously selected. These preferences may include your device, operating system, preferred language, location and other session data. We use a mix of first-party and third-party cookies.

b. Marketing cookies

We use these cookies to collect information about your visit to Degital Future, the content you view, the links you follow, and information about your browser, device, IP address, and referral URL. We sometimes share certain portions of data with third parties for marketing purposes. We may also share online data collected through cookies with our marketing partners. This means that when you visit another website, that website may show you ads based on your browsing patterns on Degital Future.

7.4 How are cookies managed?

Most browsers are pre-set to accept cookies, and you can choose to set your browser not to accept cookies or to notify you if cookies are loaded as soon as they are loaded. However, if set to disable cookies, you may not be able to launch or use certain features of the platform.

VIII. What Data Protection Rights Do You Have?

We want to make sure that you are fully aware of all your data protection rights. Unless otherwise provided by law, regulation or governmental order, each user has:

8.1 Right of access - You have the right to request a copy of your personal data from us. We may charge you a small fee for providing this service.

8.2 Right of correction - You have the right to ask us to correct any information that you believe to be inaccurate. You also have the right to ask us to fill in information that you believe to be incomplete, within reasonable limits.

8.3 Right of erasure - In certain circumstances, you have the right to request that we delete your personal data.

8.4 Right to restrict processing - You have the right to request that we restrict the processing of your personal data in certain circumstances as required by law or as specifically advised by us; however, you are aware that restricting the processing of personal data may result in our inability to provide some of the Degital Future Services to you.

8.5 Right to refuse to process - You have the right to refuse to allow us to process your personal data in certain circumstances as required by law or as specifically advised by us; however, you are aware that refusal to process personal data may result in us being unable to provide some of the Degital Future Services to you.

8.6 Right of Data Portability - You have the right to request that we transfer the data we collect to another organisation or directly to you in certain circumstances as required by law or as specifically indicated by us. We may charge you a small fee for providing this service.

IX. Privacy Policies of Other Websites

9.1 Out-of-System Privacy Policy

If you access any links to other third-party platforms or partner websites or applications on Degital Future, you shall agree to and abide by the separate and independent privacy policy of that third-party platform or partner. We are not responsible for the content and activities of such platforms or partners.

9.2 Privacy Policy within the system

This Privacy Policy applies to Degital Future and all platforms, websites and divisions of the Degital Future ecosystem. If you visit any link on Degital Future, you shall agree to and abide by this Agreement and other separate privacy policies. In the event of a conflict between other privacy policies and this Agreement, the privacy policy published shall prevail at the most recent time.

9.3 Revisions to the Privacy Policy

We may adjust this Agreement from time to time in accordance with changes in the law or our practices regarding the collection, processing and use of personal information. The revised Privacy Policy will be posted on the Platform Announcements page. You should periodically review the Privacy Policy and monitor it for revisions, and if you do not agree with the revisions, you should immediately discontinue accessing Degital Future. Your continued access to Degital Future when an updated version of the Privacy Policy is posted will indicate your agreement to such updated content and your agreement to abide by such updated Privacy Policy.