Merchant Agreement
更新时间: 2021-08-30 13:07:20

In order to improve the overall quality and reputation of certified merchants in the fiat currency trading zone and ensure the user experience of the platform, the platform has formulated a series of procedures such as merchant application standards, merchant clearance rules, and merchant cancellation. While constantly recruiting new high-quality merchants, merchants that do not meet the requirements of the rules will also be regularly cleared and returned to jointly build a good fiat currency trading ecology.

How to properly apply for a certified merchant:


Certified merchants can apply online on the web. The platform will strictly screen applicants. Upon meeting the application conditions, successful applicants will be notified within 4 working days.


Application conditions for first-time certified merchants:

1) Complete the real-name authentication;

2) The order completion rate is not less than 90%;

3) Order quantity ≥10 orders;

4) The account has 3000 USDT as the merchant deposit (must ensure that the fiat currency account has 3000 USDT as the merchant deposit within 1 working day after receiving the customer service call notification, otherwise it will be disqualified).


Note: For the accounts of merchants who apply for certification for the first time, the platform will implement a one-month evaluation period, and the merchants who do not meet the evaluation requirements will be cleared out. During the evaluation period, the following evaluations will be performed on new merchants:

 1) The number of completed orders is not less than 200; 

 2) No user complaints; 

 3) No order disputes occurred, and after the platform customer service intervened, we did not cooperate with the customer service for 3 times or more. 


Refund rules for certified merchants:

1) The completion rate is less than 90%

2) The total transaction amount in the past three months is less than 5 million;

3) The average coin release time is greater than 30 minutes;

4) The number of malicious cancellations (the responsible party is the certified merchant) exceeded 3 times in the past month;

5) In the past month, it has been complained by more than 5 users, verified by the customer service, and the impact is bad;

6) If there is an order dispute, after the platform customer service intervenes, it will not cooperate with the customer service for 3 times or more;

7) After the order is generated, maliciously modify the payment information, forge false payment vouchers, etc.

8) Dissemination of erroneous information that affects the platform in the group and the effect is bad;

9) Advertise in the group, 3 warnings to no avail;

Note: Malicious cancellation means that the payment is unpaid but the payment is clicked, and the order is ultimately canceled.


The platform will periodically clear the merchants who do not meet any of the previous rules.

At the same time, if the above illegal regulations cause a negative impact on the platform and users, the corresponding deposit will be deducted depending on the serious circumstances of the refund.



Certified Merchant's voluntary termination method: 

By mail apply for de-authentication identity of the business, forward an email to: Service @ DF.COM, content title: " De-authentication business Degital Future (referred to as DF) account " you can lift (after waiting for customer verification 7 working days), re-application is not allowed within three months after the identity of the verified merchant is lifted.

If you actively apply for the removal of the identity of the verified merchant, the deposit will be fully refunded after the removal of the identity.