Degital Future Global OTC Merchant Reruitment
Update time: 2021-09-30 18:47:09

Dear DF user:

In order to provide users with better services, Degital Future is now launching a global recruitment plan for OTC merchants to recruit high-quality OTC merchants from all over the world. Degital Future will provide professional customer service support and get 50% off on Margin for OTC merchants.

Duration: October 1-December 31,2021

Benefit for Merchants: 50% off on OTC Margin, reduce from 3000USDT to 1500USDT during the recruitment period.

Merchant rights:

-Platform diversion, the resources of each channel are inclined

-Provide one-to-one exclusive services for merchants

-To meet the diverse product needs of buyers and sellers, merchants can freely publish advertisements, making trading more flexible and convenient.

Log into Degital Future and then click .DF team will review your application.

Risk warning

Digital currency is an innovative investment product with high price fluctuations. Please judge your investment ability rationally and carefully before making any investment decisions; the Degital Future team will select high-quality coins, but will not assume any responsibility or liability for any of the investment behaviour such as guarantee or compensation.

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DF team will continue to provide the investors with better products and better services!

DF Global Team

September 30, 2021