Degital Future's Announcement on Expanding Global Market and 200,000 TRX Giveaway
更新时间: 2021-11-11 15:58:58

Dear DF User:

According to the platform strategy of cultivating Asian markets and expanding global markets, the platform has now opened registration for users in more than ten countries and regions, such as India, Indonesia, Vietnam and Sri Lanka. To attract users to participate and expand the market share of the platform, the platform is now giving away 200,000 TRX via airdrop activities to new global users, you can register a Degital Future account by using your cell phone number or email, then according to the interface prompts to upload relevant identity information required for KYC to be eligible for the corresponding airdrop rewards.

The list of countries/regions supported by this drop is as follows:

Malaysia, Korea, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, New Zealand, Laos, Australia, Japan, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Philippines, Thailand, India, Indonesia

Activity period: From GMT+8 15:00 Nov 11, 2021 to GMT+8 23:59 Nov 30, 2021

Steps to get the airdrop reward:

1. Register a Degital Future account

2. Complete KYC identity authentication

3. Follow, Like & Share Degital Future / MetaSpace Twitter & Retweet, Facebook, Instagram

4. You can get 50 TRX airdrop rewards within 7 working days after your account is approved

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DF Global Team

November 11, 2021

Risk warning

Digital currency is an innovative investment product with high price fluctuations. Please judge your investment ability rationally and carefully before making any investment decisions; the Degital Future team will select high-quality coins, but will not assume any responsibility or liability for any of the investment behaviour such as guarantee or compensation.