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Introduction to Digital Assets

RC Introduction

GDP Introduction

TAI Introduction

UFC Introduction

VB Introduction

Announcement Center

Announcement: ETH/XRP/DOGE/TRX/IOST top-up event is now open! Up to30,000 USDT to be given away to users participating in this event

Degital Future's Notice on the upgrading of the spot trading system

Announcement on the end of RC recharge event & the completion of reward distribution

Announcement: Lunar Palace Exploration Event of Degital Future has ended, 600 exclusive Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes have been sent out

Announcement on the suspension of coin withdrawal business due to the upgrade of GDP wallet

Novice Guide

How to buy and sell coins in FIAT Currency Trading?

How to become an FIAT Currency Merchant?

How to buy and sell coins in currency trading?

How to Deposit

How to withdraw

Frequently Asked Questions

Alipay cannot make payments to merchants, what should I do?

Security certification and other issues

Where is the seller's bank card number?

About bank card freezing and processing method.

What do the "sub-address" and "note" mean when withdrawing coins?